Did you know?

For almost 40 years Metro Arts has been giving artists the freedom and support to create, experiment and present their work, and providing audiences with creative experiences that challenge and transform. 

We do this with the help of Government funding, but that’s only the beginning.  As much as 65% of our annual budget is funded by Metro Arts’ enterprises (such as our lovely café), together with the generosity of corporate and community giving and philanthropy.

Metro Arts is a registered charity with ACNC, which means any donation you make over $2 is tax-deductible.

So here’s how you can help. 

Donate now using the online form on this page or download our Gift Form

Join our new Art Starters donor group to support Creative Developments.

Become a Metro Arts Partner and experience the benefits alignment with contemporary creativity and our community can deliver.

If you’re thinking of the future of Australian contemporary art-making and interested in leaving a legacy of support for emerging artists, we can discuss bequests too.

Whatever form your support takes, it will help grow a new generation of artists and arts lovers.

Together we could start something beautiful.

For any further information regarding donations or sponsorship please contact:
Genevieve Trace, Development and Partnerships Officer
genevieve@lacjmy.com | (07) 3002 7100

Find out more about our Supporters here.